QR codes and how they are revolutionizing

Every wonder what those little white squares are? You know the ones, the little square with the white background with the black graphic and a black frame. They are popping up everywhere and are most popular with smartphone users. They look like unconventional barcodes but it’s hard to imagine what they are used for.

The little barcodes I am taking about are called quick response codes. These are a white square with a black frame that has black graphics strategically placed within the black game. They are found on billboards, magazine ads and on the internet. They are considered the leading type of two dimensional barcode that is currently being used today. What is important about QR codes is that they are not only able to hold huge amounts of information but they can also hold many different forms of media such as videos and pictures.

The main use of QR codes is for URL’s. When a URL is embedded into the QR code it allows the consumer to scan the code and then be directed to the URL. Customer’s no longer need to write the URL down or even type it out. They are immediately connected to the website. QR codes have huge marketing potential as they allow companies to connect different forms of advertising. This website will not only show you what the QR code is and how it can be generated but it will also show you the many uses of this technological advancement.

QR Codes

What are QR Codes