QR code Analytics


Since formulated in 1994, QR codes have become a popular advertising tool. Companies can store huge amounts of data onto a graphic design that can be easily scanned by any smart or camera phone. QR codes allow for easy storage of anything that the company wishes to share with the consumer. Things such as the company’s logo, location and prices all fall into this category. Measuring the effectiveness of a QR code for a product is crucial in measuring the effectiveness of the QR as an advertisement tool. Like internet marketing, QR code affiliated sites and marketing can be measured through (QR Analytics). 


Quick Response codes that are on offline ads and distributed through magazines and newspapers cannot be measured. This is where (QR code analytics) comes into play. QR codes distributed online through websites and various webpages throughout the web can be measured and a quantitative analysis can formulated to measure the effectiveness and popularity among a specific product or service’s QR code. The effectiveness of a QR code can be measured by website traffic. Every day, a website is visited by new visitors also known as webpage traffic. The more traffic the QR code brings to a website is related to its effectiveness. Other third party sites such as twitter and MySpace that have the QR code embedded within one of their webpages or profiles can also bring traffic. When QR codes are distributed online, they can be tracked using different analytic software. Measuring the QR codes and their effectiveness in bringing in traffic to your webpage is done by campaign tracking. When a QR code is formulated for a specific URL, a campaign tracking variable can be set up along with it and when the QR code brings in traffic, this is reported by the camping tracking variable. The variables can they be analyzed monthly using the campaign reports and the traffic of each QR code can be determined. For example, one common analytical tool for tracking QR code traffic is through Google analytics, an analytical tool for webmasters that shows what type of traffic is being brought to a website and any new or past traffic is brought each monthly and it is brought to the website.


(QR code analytics) like is quite effective in determining how well a specific QR code is doing online. This type of internet marketing is crucial and using cutting edge technology to target traffic and clients is common in today’s business industry. The effectiveness of a QR code is directly determined by the product, service or URL being advertised. Also, the effectiveness is dependent on how well the QR is marketed throughout the internet. For example, a QR code made for a product that is not advertised effectively can bring in no traffic whereas a QR code for the same product that is advertised and has a lot of exposure throughout the internet can bring in more traffic. When measuring the effectiveness of a QR code against another, how the code was marketed must be factored out.