QR code Apps

QR codes are great marketing tool and allow for a variety of different ways that they can be implemented. The code is great for everyone from business owners to marketer to consumers. For business owners, it’s another way to marketing a product or service and this helps draw in customers. For marketers, it’s another to market products and services that can be directly tracked and for customers it allows for storing information that the customer can come back to. 

Because of their popularity in the UK and Asia, and now in the United States, there are many mobile applications for the QR codes, depending on what information is desired about the code. There are many different type of (QR code apps) that predominately carter to the marketing and tracking aspect of the code as well as reading it. Apple has the most extensive (QR code apps) for its iPhone smartphone. A few QR code apps include the Neoreader, Optiscan, and Quicksmark.


QuicksMark is a (QR code app) that has been recommended by Google and for good reason. The app is quick and simple to use like the Neoreader but it allows for easy data storage like the Optiscan. It can store just about any information obtained by a QR code and file it in a history section for later use. Also, Quicksmark allows for generation of a customized QR code to share with friends and family and for business purposes.


NeoReader is a simple QR code reader that is relatively easy to use. It’s simplicity however limit’s its functions. The neoreader just reads QR code. It cannot store the data obtained and it also cannot share the QR code. NeoReader is a free app and the company making the app also allows customers to try the app online to see if it’s reading the QR codes correctly.


Advertised as the fastest (QR code app) on the market, Optiscan is a simple QR barcode reader and scanner. This app can scan any QR code on any medium whether it be online or on another phone or on paper. The app costs more than the Neoreader but unlike the other (QR code apps), this app can store the data obtained from the QR code for easy reference and it also allows for sharing of QR codes through email.