QR Code Business Card Generator

Aside from online advertising, having a QR code on your business card is great in the sense that it allows the opportunity for someone to scan the information on your card to their phone. This is beneficial if they ever lose your card or decide to throw it away. By storing your information on their phone, it can potentially lead to clients, sales, or more business. There are numerous ways in going about in creating your own business card with a QR code. The best and most effective method is utilizing the internet for this purpose. There are numerous (QR code business card generators) that can create a code for free and then allow you to use that code to print on your business card.


In my opinion, GOQR.com is the best and cost effective (QR Code business card generator) that can produce both the QR code and the business card. The website allows for SMS and URL information as well as personal information such as name, address, and phone number for the person or business. It also has a text area where the person/company can write about the history of the company or the company’s motto. What is great about GOQR.com is that, through their partnership with zazzle.com, you can take that QR code and use it directly online to create business cards. The website allows you to do both things at the same time. 

Offline Sources

The most cost effective solution to creating business cards is through online QR code generators. If however, the business card QR code needs to be personalized or complex an offline source can be used. Offline sources include companies that specialize in generating QR Code business cards or QR code design expert companies that can create different QR code graphics. If a complex QR code is required with different design graphics than the generic black graphic QR code with the white background, then an offline source for generating a QR code for a business card is the best choice.