QR code decoders

A QR code decoder is a software application that encrypts the QR code graphic. When the graphic is encrypted the decoder than reads the information and then displays it for the user. The information decoded can be stored for future reference or deleted. QR code decoders are just as important as QR codes them because without the decoder, the information on the QR code cannot be extracted and as result, the QR code is considered useless.

How a QR code works

A QR code is a two dimensional barcode that can be used for anything and everything. The code consists of a white background with a black graphic. The graphic is what sets one QR code apart from another QR code. How it works is that a QR code generator will formulate a unique QR code with the specific information given. Depending on the generator used, any type of information can be stored in the code from URL addresses to business card information. From here the QR code is placed anywhere. When the QR code is scanned by a QR code decoder, the decoder decodes the information that is encrypted on the QR Code and reveals it. Without the decoder, the QR code is essentially useless because the information on it cannot be revealed any other way.

QR code decoders.

QR code decoders are software applications that decode the encryption on the QR code. Unlike QR code generators, QR code decoders read information on the QR code. They do not encrypt it. Some software system allow for both decoding and for generating QR codes. The decoder’s main task is to extract all the information available and then show and store the information depending on the user’s wishes.

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