QR codes and Graves

QR codes, also known as quick response codes are 2d codes used in the business and marketing industry to track and promote product and services. QR codes work by being placed on a magazine ad or poster and then once scanned by a mobile device, the information coded into the QR codes is revealed and stored. Usually information stored onto the QR code is company information, product information or the company’s website or URL. What’s great about storing URL and website information onto the QR code is that it allows for the opportunity to advertise a website through a magazine ad. Nowadays, as more and more people are seeing the benefits and reliability of these codes they are now being implanted for a variety of different ways.

Graves in Japan

The QR code was first created in Japan for Toyota. It was primarily used for car parts. A QR code would be formulated for a car part and the company would be able to track where the part goes using the code. Because QR codes had a presence in Japan the longest, than other any other country in the world, the Japanese are using the code for everything from plants species to graveyards. Nowadays, some new graves in Japan have a QR code formulated. The QR code stores information about the person in the grave, such as their life history and pictures as well as home movies about the person. It adds a personalized touch to a generic tombstone. What’s also important is that QR codes can then be scanned by statistician for death rate and birth rate analysis.

QR code for GRAVES

QR codes for everyday use