How to make a QR code

A Quick response barcode is basically a readable barcode that can be scanned by a mobile device or QR code scanner and will show the information stored in its graphic design. QR codes are popular in the UK and Asian countries and are fast gaining popularity in the United States. The code maximizes marketing potential and allows for 3d advertising. One form of advertising can now be linked to other forms of advertising. For example, a QR code for a magazine advertisement can store the URL for that advertisement and when a customer looks at the magazine ad and then scans the QR code and looks at the website, they have been exposed to two forms of advertisement that can greatly increase sales and the magazine’s marketing potential. Because of this, QR codes are fast becoming popular. It maximizes the strategy and marketing for the business and it gives customers more information about a product and also allows them to store the information onto their phones for future references. Making a QR code is relatively easy and there are a there different ways in doing it.

Doing it yourself

If you are tech savvy and just want a basic QR code, there are many websites on the internet that can generate a QR code. The QR code formulated and generated will be on a white background and have black graphic designs that are strategically placed to make sure the information stored is read correctly on to the QR scanner. Doing a QR code yourself is cost-effective but you will be limited to what can be stored onto the barcode and also how it will look like. The main drawback in doing a QR code personally is that it is hard to factor out error in the code. When companies create QR code, the QR code goes through error correction. This cannot be done when the code is when creating QR code online.

Having your technology department do it for you

If a company has an information technology department, they can leave the QR code formulation and generation to their staff.  This is what larger companies and corporations can do. Given that they have qualified staff to carry out this sort of work, it can help and the product that they create will be specific to the companies need. Leaving it to the IT department is the best way to formulate a QR code because it leaves the formulation of the code in the hands of people who are both qualified and know about the company they are making the code for.

Hiring an outside firm

Hiring an outside firm that specializes in custom QR code design is another alternative when you are looking for a code that is personalized and does not look like regular QR codes. Regular QR codes have a white background and black graphics. Custom QR code designs can make the background a different colour or change the graphic design of the black graphics. The color of the barcodes can also be changed from black to any color the company chooses. The name of the company or business can also be embedded in the center of the code. This is great for companies who wish to have their code differentiated from other 2d barcodes out in the market.