Make you Own QR Code

Aside from being used at the grocery store, barcodes were not popular among the general public. That all changed when QR codes started to be used mainstream. QR code stands for Quick Response code and unlike the standard barcode, QR codes can store many forms of information including videos, pictures and huge amounts of information. One advantage to using QR codes in marketing and promoting a product is that it gives the opportunity for consumers to take the information in the QR code with them. Another important advantage is that it brings together different forms of marketing. For example, a QR code placed in a magazine ad utilizes offline marketing. When the QR code is scanned by the smartphone, it is utilizing ecommerce and when the QR code reveals a URL, ecommerce is being utilized. Marking your own QR code can help increase business sales and business exposure.

Information on the QR code

The first step in creating a QR code is assessing what type of information will be stored on the barcode. The great thing about QR codes is that any type of information can be stored. Usually, information such as email, SMS, URL and business information can be stored on the QR code. Assessing the type of information on the QR code will determine how and where it will be used. For example, a standard QR code that only displays the companies URL when it is decoded can be used anywhere and everywhere. A specific QR code, however, for a particular product can only advertised in specific areas

QR Code Generators

Once the information for the QR code is identified, the next step is to generate the QR code. This is a very simple process. There are numerous online QR code generators on the internet that can easily generate a general QR code. Each QR code generator is specific to certain types of information. While some QR code generators can formulate a QR code for just a URL, others can formulate a QR code for almost everything. The QR code generator used depends on the type of information that needs to be coded into the QR Code. There are also QR code software systems that can be purchased for this step.

What is a QR Code

QR code Designs

All QR codes look relatively the same. All have a black frame with a white background and with a black graphic that is strategically placed within the frame. It is hard to distinguish one type of QR code from another. There are companies that specialize in custom QR codes. These companies create different types of QR codes that look different with different colouring but perform the same function as a regular QR code.

QR code Information