QR codes in Marketing

In the past decade or so, marketing has seen the biggest change than any other aspect of business. Technological advancement played a big role in this movement. Lost are the days when companies would post filers or place ads in magazines. Don’t get me wrong, these things are still done today but the best marketing advantage that companies now have that they didn’t have 30 years ago is the internet.

The Internet and Marketing

The internet allows people to have the world at their fingertips. Webpages have all sorts of information and customers can find out just about anything and everything. QR codes in marketing can maximize exposure of a company using the internet and mobile devices. Small companies have probably been the impacted the most. Smaller companies don’t have the advertising budget of larger companies and corporations and as a result, are looking for the best ways to optimize the company’s exposure without going over budget. 

Demographics and QR Code Marketing

The biggest demographic for the QR code marketing industry are consumers with mobile devices. Given the fact that nowadays, almost everyone has a cellphone or smartphone, this is quite a big demographic that spans across different age groups and different social classes. QR codes store URL information and as a result both the internet and a device that can scan a QR code such as a smartphone is required. Given that most smartphones have access to the internet, it is quite simple. 

Marketing QR codes

QR codes can be marketing just about anywhere. The majority of QR codes are marketed on filers and magazine ads, because it ties in different forms of marketing. For example a QR code brings together a magazine ad for a product and that product’s specific URL that states everything you need to know about that product. Also, QR codes are a valuable marketing tool as it acts as a getaway for customers. Say for example, a company offers a wide variety of different camping equipment. If a customer sees an advertisement of a tent with a QR code on it and scans that QR code, it can lead them not only to information about that particular tent but it also advertises other camping products by the company. This is great because it optimizes different forms of marketing and leads to other forms of marketing. Also, what’s great about QR codes is that they are traceable, directly and indirectly. If a QR code is placed on an online advertisement, how much new traffic and customers that particular QR barcode brings to the website and how well it markets can be traced and reported using QR code tracking software. Offline QR codes placed on billboards, magazine ads, and filers can also be traced and tracked indirectly. Assessing the popularity of an item after a QR Code was formulated for it can also be indictors of its effectiveness in marketing a particular product.