Mobile QR codes

Mobile QR codes are the most popular of the QR codes found on the market today. This is primarily due to the fact that most of the mobile QR codes are only scanned through a mobile device with a QR card reader and access to the internet. Mobile QR codes) allow for access to any type of information and URL’s. This is great for business, social media outlets and for customers. Also mobile QR codes can be transferred or emailed to others. This takes word of mouth advertising to a whole new level.

Mobile personalized codes

Some smartphones like the blackberry series have their own personalized QR code. This code is unique to that smartphone and even people with the same model of the phone have a different QR code associated with their phone. This is similar to car’s VIN number. When a QR code of a specific phone is scanned, it gives the person’s name associated with that phone, as well as their phone number. This is great in the sense that people only need to scan the QR code of a person phone to get their correct information quickly and easily. 

Mobile Apps

To read and store a QR code, the mobile device must have a mobile QR code reader application. This app is available either free or for a small fee by the phone service provider. There are different reader and scanning applications out there and each type of app has different features associate it it. Some apps will allow only for viewing the QR code while others can store the data on it to another folder for later use.