Personal QR codes

A quick response code is a 2d barcode that stores any type of information. This information can then be scanned by a camera equipped phone that has access to the internet. Once scanned, the QR code can then be read and decoded and the information on the code can be stored onto the person’s phone. Anyone wishing to increase their exposure and marketing their brand needs to be aware of the importance of a QR code. The QR code saves time and money. Companies no longer need to advertise a great deal of information; everything can be stored in the code. Also, they are different ways people can use the code. For example it can be stored and advertised anywhere where it is on a website or on a magazine ad. What’s also important is that it allows the consumer to take the advertisement information with them. This increases the chances of the consumer seeing the advertising again and also increase the brand or person’s exposure. Because of this (personal QR codes) are important when trying to promote a product.

Because of their popularity, (creating a personal QR codes) can be easily formulated using free online tools on the internet. (Generating a personal QR code) is quite simple. There are numerous QR code generators online and each caters to a specific clientele. One generator can only generate codes for name and addresses while other generator code for company motors, email address, sms, Facebook pages and URL’s. Deciding on what type of code is needed is dependent on what product or service is being advertised. 

Any QR code can be personalized. For example the QR codes for a Facebook page, twitter, YouTube, and a product can be personalized. (Personal QR codes) help differentiate among the QR codes present on a website or business card and allow the person to scan the right code. Also, getting a customized QR code from a QR code design expert is also possible and not only personalizes the QR code but changes its colour and graphic design.