QR Code Generator

Quick Response codes or QR codes can store huge amounts of information within their geographic feature. The information on the code can then be scanned and read using any internet device with a built in scanner or camera. QR codes are extremely popular in Japan and have been used for decades, first within the automotive industry and now for any type of consumer product or service. Their popularity grew directly because more and more consumers are now equipped with smartphones that allow people access to the internet and the phones allow have a built in camera. Because of this the smartphones are able to scan and store all the information of the QR code and they are able to retrieve the information whenever possible. 

QR codes were first generated by companies that charge clients for the graphic. It was more time consuming and costly. Because of their popularity, QR codes are now easily generated through the internet. The main source of information that a company embeds within a QR code is the companies URL. This acts as a getaway to all the products and services that the company or business offers. Larger companies will generate a number of specific QR codes for specific aspects of their company. Usually companies have their town tech department that will generate unique and specific QR codes; however there are different web page QR code generators on the internet. Depending on what online software is used, the codes can range from only storing a website URL to storing URL’s, texts, data and graphics.

The Kaywa QR Code Generator

The Kaywa QR Code Generator that allows any type of formulation for the QR graphic. Using the Kaywa generator, a QR code with URL, text, graphic, data, and sms can be formulated. This type of generator is great for all sorts of companies because it gives the opportunity to allow for any type of information. Because this generator allows for all sorts of data within the QR code, the code can be used anywhere and for anything.

ZXing QR Code Generator & QR Net

Another generator tool is the ZXing QR code Generator. This generator has a simple form that can be filled out and all the information is then formulated to a QR graphic code. Although the process is simple, the only information that the ZXing generator allows is the name of the company, the address, the phone number, and the website of the company. The QR net generator is much simpler than the ZXing and only formulates a QR code for a website URL.

GOQR.ME & Zazzle.com

GOQR another QR generator, can generate a QR code specifically just for URL. One drawback with GOQR.me is that the generator only formulates QR codes for URL’s. Texts, SMS and email cannot be coded within the QR code generated by this website. Although this generator is limited to only formulated QR graphics for URL’s, the company’s QR code can be sent to Zazzle.com for creating personalized merchandise such as business cards with the generated QR code.