QR code Real Estate

The real estate market is a competitive business. Real estate agents have a tough task of attracting potential home buyers. Adding more difficulty to their job is that real estate agents cannot bring the house or “product” to customers, but rather they must bring the customers to the product. This is quite a difficult task sometimes and if people don’t know where to look, they might not be able to find the house of their dreams. Real estate agents are always looking for different ways to maximize exposure for the houses that they are currently listed. 

Webpages for Real Estate

Webpages have long been popular as a means of being a new way to show a house or apartment to the consumer. The agents would list the house, the price, a description and some pictures to get the customer interested in booking a meeting to see the house in person. A website is a great alternative to other forms of advertising as it allows for multiple listings in one place and the agent does not need to pay for extra advertising costs. Also videos and virtual tours of the house can be embedded as a short video segment on the website. This is different than other forms of marketing such as billboards and signs that only allow for one listing and charge extra for additional photos. Another advantage of websites is that they can be equipped with quick response or QR codes. QR codes are great in the sense that they help bridge together offline and online advertisements. For example a person might see a real estate sign and then scan the barcode which leads them to the website for that specific real estate. (Real estate QR codes) help increase the effectiveness of offline advertisements and increase the visiting traffic to an online advertisement.


One major benefit of a QR code and also its popularity among the real estate world is that unlike billboards and other forms of advertising, a QR code can allow potential customers the opportunity to take a virtual tour of the house or condominium before making an appointment. This cannot be done with other forms of advertising. A drawback to (real estate QR codes) is that only customers with camera phones and smartphones are able to get all the necessary information off the QR code graphic. Therefore the effectiveness of the QR code is determined by how many customers have camera equipped smartphones with internet access.

Maximum potential

QR codes are fairly new to the real estate market but the potential positive effects can result in maximum exposure of a particular listing and also generate sales and close deals. For example, a real estate agent can save on advertising costs and add multiple QR codes to a specific billboard or sign. Also, the QR codes can easily be advertised anywhere. For example, if a patio and garden show draws customers who are interested or planning on getting a new patio and garden landscaping, advertising a QR code formulated for a house listing that also has a wonderful patio and garden can attract customers to that particular house and increases the chances of it getting sold. Lawn signs, billboards, signs, flyers and internet listings all equipped with QR codes can maximize the sale potential of the advertisement. What is interesting to note is that QR codes help bridge and link together different forms of advertising. The effectiveness of the online QR codes can be tracked and traced back to see their effectiveness and whether or not they are bringing in customers.