Restaurants QR codes

Service industries can greatly benefit from what the 2-demenesional barcodes such as the QR code can bring in terms of advertising. In the past service based companies like restaurants were limited in what they can advertise. Besides pictures of the restaurant, its staff and the menu being featured in magazine ads, it was hard to show consumers other aspects of the restaurant. Advancements in technology in the past 10 years now allow for the distribution of other forms of communication such as video communication or virtual communication. Unfortunately, the usage of QR codes in this industry is not as popular as it is in other industries. Those restaurants that do implement the use of QR barcodes use them in a variety of different ways. Here is a comprised a list of different ways a restaurant owner can use a (QR code in their restaurant).

Nutrition information

This is one of the most important ways the QR code can save time and money. Rather than showing all the nutritional information on the menu, a QR code on the packaging of the product or on the side next to the name of the food item on the menu, can store all the product’s nutrition information. Given that people are now healthier conscious, and regulations do indicate that nutrition information should be shown, using a QR code in this aspect can leave menu and packaging space for other things such as the logo or other information and it also gives the customer the ability to store the nutritional information in their mobile device.

Business Card

Rather than posting files or wasting money through online advertisements, adding a QR code showing food delivery services and daily specials is another way to implant a QR code and also save time and money. Delivery service information and daily specials are two of the most common questions asked by customers and having them stored in a QR code right on the business card for the restaurant allows for the customers to get all the information they need and want while still being a cost effective solution for the restaurant

Video Recipes

Thanks to cutting edge technology, showing videos on how a recipe and food item is created goes above and beyond the call of duty. Adding a QR code next to the food item on the menu that when scanned directs the customer to a website with videos on how that particular recipe is created is personalization the experience for the customer and allows them to become involved in all aspects of their dinner, from how it was cooked and by who to when it is on their plate.


Business in the survey industry always want to know how they are doing and often ask their customers to fill in surveys by directing them to go on a particular website. This information is listed on the customer’s bill. This is great expecting that the majority of customers throw out their bill. Having a QR code on the bill that has survey information stored on it and allowing customers to easily scan the survey on their phone to fill out later, increase the probability that they will do the survey.