QR codes in Retail

Mobile commerce is a new segment in business marketing strategy where the center focus is on mobile devices such as the ipad, cell phones and smartphones and how they can be utilized to create and specific and successful marketing plane for a business. This type of marketing is getting popular as more mobile devices come into the market and also as they become more affordable with the general public. Nowadays, QR codes are branching out to different industries and different areas of business. Retail marketing is one area of business that is now using QR codes in retail segments to increase product awareness.

Retail Marketing

Retail marketing focuses on social media outlets, personalized websites and email lists to increase social awareness and develop a loyal fan base. QR codes are associated with the mobile commerce industry within the business field. This industry is booming and now, retail business are incorporating what they have learned through e-commerce and incorporating that with m-commerce and QR codes are at the forefront of this movement. Retail marketing is essential and crucial for high competitive commercial markets such as the clothing industry or the cosmetic industry. Using QR codes in this area of marketing can help companies promote their brand during times when competition is high.

QR codes in Retail and Marketing

QR codes are now being marketed on internet sites where the retail business has a webpage. Places like twitter, Facebook and MySpace as well as email lists now have a QR code associated with them. What is also interesting is that Google was replacing different 2d barcode types with QR codes. This showed that the search engine giant favoured QR codes than other 2d barcodes. As a result more and more companies started using QR codes and this increased its popularity among the web. QR codes are also used to promote and popularize promotional material. For example, Calvin Klein started to use a QR code to allow its customers to get an uncensored version of its perfume ad. Other retail outlets use it to learn to utilize other marketing campaigns such as a magazine ad or if they have a contest running or promotional material that is now being advertised.