Social QR codes

The effects of social media are phenomenal. One prime example is YouTube videos that go viral. The importance of this subject matter is not underestimated. The royal family currently have a YouTube channel and a Facebook page. So do politicians, celebrities and business. It is here that high ranking people and also companies try to get directly through the consumer. Everyone can have a Facebook page and anyone can get involved and give their opinions on a subject. Blogging and twitter as well as other social media outlets that is popular today.

Bridging between industries

QR codes are especially important nowadays because they help tie in three important industries; the marketing industry, e-commerce, and mobile commerce. Marketing a product can be done through a magazine ad (marketing) this ad can then have a QR code embedded in it. This code can then be scanned using a mobile device (mobile commerce) and then it can direct a consumer to the internet webpage or another URL (ecommerce). Social media plays an important part here in that companies are now using this area of the internet to marketing their products. It makes sense in the sense that if for example there is a company that has over one hundred thousand followers on twitter, announcing a launch of a new product is beneficial on the twitter page were one hundred thousand people will be aware of it.

Social QR Codes

Benefits of QR Codes

What is also great about social QR codes is that one social media outlet can link to another social media outlet. For example a company’s YouTube page can link its Facebook and twitter pages allow for the opportunity for customers to directly go to their other webpages and increasing product promotions. Having a QR code on each webpage and social media outlet allow for the customer to scan and store all the information on their phone and they can choose to review it and share it even after they leave the webpage or website.