QR code Software

Having computer software for QR codes provides alternatives to online QR code generators. A benefit of having offline QR code software is that all the information that is put into the software’s system is stored for future use. What is great about (QR code software) is that it can easily be (downloaded to smartphones). Unlike QR code generators that are available online and usually for free, QR code software’s provide extensive and complex functions for simple QR code formulations at home. There are two leading (QR code software’s) currently on the market. One is the QRdraw and the other is the QRmaker software.


This software uses ActiveX control related software to generate different types of QR codes. What is great about this software is that it can easily be equipped to other software and it easily correlates information from one type of software to another. For example, QRmaker can be equipped with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Visual Basic applications. The QRmaker software is able to extract data and information from Microsoft office and visual basic and then use this information to create QR code. Users have variety of different tools available to them with the QRmaker where they can make different QR codes.

QRmaker Software



Like the QRmaker (QR code software), the QRdraw lets users create a variety of different QR codes with different customizations. What’s great about the QRdraw is that, aside from creating QR codes it can also create different 2 dimensional barcodes. It can also extract and embed information from different Microsoft software applications, particularly Microsoft word. Unlike other QR code software’s, the QRdraw can also interpret excel and access coding. From here it is able to extract the data and use it to create personalized and customized QR codes. The software is easy to use and user friendly. Another benefit of using QR code software is that your I.P. address will not be tracked. When online QR code generators are used, they keep I.P. information, offline QR code softwares do not. This ensures privacy.