QR code Stickers

When analyzing a QR code, they look very similar to one another. All QR codes are formulated a generated in the same way. Although they don’t have the same information coded onto them, they do share the same key features. All have a white background with 3 black open scares on 3 of their 4 corners. They also have black graphics over the black background. When placing three generic QR codes together, it is hard to distinguish what each represents. One can be for the company’s website, another for their twitter account and another for their Facebook page. One way of lessening the confusion could be to get customized QR codes. This code can be customized in a way to change the black graphic to another design and color. A QR code design expert would be needed for this. Another alternative is to use a QR code Sticker.

QR Code Stickers

A QR code sticker or decal can be placed anywhere and provide a great alternative if you want to have a business card or flyer with the QR code on it. Rather than reprinting the cards or flyers sticking a QR code can save time and money. A QR code sticker has does not change the appearance of the generic QR code but rather adds an outline and then a message at the top that describes what the QR code is about. For example a QR code sticker for Facebook would consist of the normal QR code with a blue outline and just above the QR code the word Facebook would be written. That way a person knows what QR code they want to scan and store.

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QR Code Sticker Decal

What’s also great about these stickers is that they can be converted into decals which can be placed on glass doors or walls to increase exposure. Sticker decals are also a cost effective solution to QR code stickers because they can be used and reused. QR code decal stickers are also less damaging by the effects of weather and rain than QR code stickers. There are numerous websites on the internet that provides a variety and extensive list of different QR code stickers and decals for different social media outlets.

Online QR code Decals