QR code Tracking

Quick Response or QR codes are becoming popular as a means of communication between business and consumers. Because of the advancement within the last decade more people today own computers, cellphones, and smartphones and have easier access to the internet than ever before. This advancement in technology also leads to different ways in how a person or company advertises to a consumer. QR codes are a part of this technological movement and one of the main forms of advertisement that uses the mobile phone to attract consumers. Tracking the effectiveness of the QR code is made possible when the QR code is scanned electronically and through the internet.

Mobile Tracking

The most common form of tracking a QR code is through mobile tracking. This is directly related to the notion that in today’s world, QR codes are marketed for smartphone or cell phone scanning. As a result phone companies offer applications that allow mobile tracking of a particular QR code for their product or business. The tracking applications however are only limited to smartphones and each type of smartphone can incorporate many different mobile tracking applications. Although these applications provide the mobility where the statistics of a particular QR code can be analyzed on the go, they do not provide in-depth tracking and analysis. 

Tracking Software

Some QR code generators will also provide a tracking system to track the QR code. The reliability, effectiveness, and accuracy of this type of (QR code tracking) are entirely dependent on the type of QR code generator used in the first place. There are a variety of different generators both online and offline and every software differs in the type of information it formulates into a QR code and also in what additional software applications it comes with. (QR code tracking) software provides the most extensive information on which QR code is bringing in traffic and its effecting brand promotion and sales.