QR codes and Travellers

Quick Responses are the most used two dimensional barcodes in the world. First created to track manufacturing car parts for Toyota in Japan, these codes are being used all over the world for a variety of different things. Today, the United Kingdom is heavily dominated by QR codes. More than 90% of its consumers use the code. Businesses were the first to see the marketing potential that QR codes have. People are now using the code for a variety of different things; even travelers are learning to use it to pinpoint their location when abroad.

For Tickets

Travellers today have the luxury of booking a printing their own airline tickets in their own home. More recently, QR codes can be implemented to a ticket. This QR code when scanned can show all sorts of information relating to the flight. For example, airline information, hot-line numbers and flight delays. Terminal information and hotel information can also be stored into the QR code.

For location

What’s great about a QR code is that it can store GPS coordinates. This is a valuable resource for travellers who take pictures and are at unknown locations. There are certain QR code software systems that can allow a QR Code to be formulated for every picture taken. This code can then store information regarding where the picture was taken and when the picture was taken. QR codes are beneficial to travellers because a cellphone or a satellite phone is usually on the top of every traveller’s checklist before they set off abroad and a cellphone can be utilized to create a QR code.

QR code Uses

QR coding