Use of QR codes

QR codes can be used anywhere and for anything. The (use of QR codes) has risen mainly because they can store simple things such as a name or address to given detailed information on a product or service. Also, QR code can be customized and personalized. They have been used on advertisement and offline magazines but the majority of the time QR codes are used online.

(Social QR codes)

The rise in social media and online social networks gave rise to social media advertisements. YouTube gurus, twitter followers, or MySpace are great places to use a QR code for your website and URL. These social media websites can be used to advertise a QR code, primarily because these websites draw in new people every month. They also have a huge amount of traffic and this means that there can be potential people out there for business and people needing to draw people into their own websites. Having a twitter, Facebook, and YouTube account with a personalized QR code customizes the accounts and also helps transfer web traffic from these sites to another site.


Business uses the QR code as another way to marketing their products and services. What is great about the QR code is that it minimizes marketing costs by storing a huge amounts of data on a small graphic design that a customer and scan and read later and it also acts as a getaway marketing tool that bridges one form of advertising to another. For example when a customer sees an advertisement, they can scan the QR code and take the information on the ad with them. This is great in that it maximizes the exposure of the ad. Also, it gives the customer the opportunity to visit the website of that product through the QR code. Business and companies like this because it ties in offline advertising with online advertising. Also, the company can directly track the effectiveness of the QR code in the virtual world. 10 years ago, this was able to happen. Some business offer (free QR codes) for their products to their customers so that the customer can take it home with them. Restaurant QR codes are becoming popular and many places are (using QR codes) to give (consumer discounts) for products and services.


QR codes are biggest online. The main reason is that the internet is the best cost effective way to market products that can potentially advertised around the world at fraction of the cost. Because the use of cellphones and smartphones have risen in the past 10 years, using both the cellphone and the internet for a marketing standpoint is a great way to maximize exposure and QR codes do just that. They store information on a product or service that can be scanned onto the cellphone and reason the internet. Also, they can be shared or distributed throughout different websites and webpages creating more back links to the original QR code page and increasing a popularity on the web.